BPSS - Baseline Personnel Security Standard.

BPSS is the foundation level of employment screening carried out by government departments and companies contracted to UK government.

The three "minimum requirement" components of BPSS screening are as follows:

1. Identity check and UK right to work.

2. Disclosure of any unspent criminal offences subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

3. Employment history references (normally 3 years)

Apart from BPSS being the baseline for employment screening within the public sector the standard is increasingly used by many private sector organisations as part of their screening process, irrespective of whether they are contracted to a UK government organisation.

For employment within controlled government functions, or for private sector employees contracted to such functions, then higher levels of screening may be required such as:

  • CTC - Counter Terrorist Check
  • SC - Security Check
  • DV - Developed Vetting

The higher levels of screening can only be carried out when authorised by a sponsoring organisation; the CTC, SC and DV levels of screening cannot be provided for private companies without such sponsorship.

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