CPNI is the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

The CPNI provides security advice for businesses and organisations that provide services and support to the UK's national infrastructure. Included within the security advice are guidelines for employment screening standards to be used by UK companies and ogranisations.

CPNI focus on the integrity of the applicant for employment and consider many factors to make the assessment, such as:

  • Verification of details provided on the applicant's CV for any false claims.
  • Verification of qualifications.
  • Understanding and explaining any gaps between employments.
  • References that reveal any information of an adverse nature.
  • Any elusiveness by the applicant in verifying details for employment.
  • Criminal background checks to identify any convictions that may be relevant to the role of employment. ¬†Emphasis is placed, as with many types of employment, on whether the applicant voluntarily discloses any convictions where these are relevant to the employment.

Credit Check Services provides pre employment screening for employers within both Government and private company sectors based on the CPNI guidelines. If you would like a quotation for screening please call us on 01992 719 23.