Within the UK there are three main categories for disclosure of criminal records; Basic Disclosure, Standard Disclosure, and Enhanced Disclosure. There are also additional searches that can be conducted for those employed in a role working with children and vulnerable adults, these searches are in addition to the enhanced level of disclosure.

For the majority of employment roles the Standard and Enhanced Disclosures are not permitted, as determined by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 updated by the Exceptions Order 1975. The Exceptions order of 1975 permitted individuals employed in certain roles to be screened for both spent and unspent criminal records. An example of an exempted role is anyone working with vulnerable adults or children.

For most types of employment within the UK the level of criminal records check would normally be the basic disclosure. For higher levels of criminal record screening there should be specific employment requirement as defined in the Exceptions order of 1975, examples of relevant roles of employment are actuaries, opticians, nurses, prison wardens, police officers, and those working with vulnerable adults or children.

We also provide criminal records checks for most other countries. The level of checks will vary by country and sometimes it is necessary to obtain checks at the local county or municipality level in addition to the state or federal level.

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