CCJs, bankruptcy, IVAs and sanction checks

For most regulatory standards and guidelines the financial background screening should as a minimum identify any instances of:

County Court Judgments (England & Wales) or Court Decrees (Scotland)

Bankruptcy (England & Wales) or Sequestration (Scotland)

Voluntary arrangements for insolvency.

However within some employment sectors there is also a requirement to verify whether an individual has been listed on OFAC or HM Treasury sanctions databases. These lists will typically include any individual (or organisation) that is suspected of supporting terrorist activities, or any individual (or organisation) that has been identified (or convicted) or serious fraud.

The financial background check can also be used as means of "electronic" identity verification. Such verifications are based on financial records and other identity traces linked to an individual. At Credit Check Services we provide a range of identity verification services including an overall identity score and "flags" where we find that a given identity has been developed, e.g. a fictitious identity.

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