Outsourcing Services

Apart from providing specialist employee background search and investigation services we also provide an outsourcing service focused on the specific needs of our clients.

Fundamental to any outsourcing service are the underlying processes to help ensure consistently high levels of service. Our operations achieve high levels of service through development of service delivery procedures based on the individual needs of our clients.

We also understand that clients may require changes in support as their businesses evolves within its environment. As managing change is fundamental to successful outsourcing we operate change control processes that support the changing needs of our clients. The overriding objective is to implement an outsourcing service that operates in a integral way with both existing and evolving client processes such that we not only reduce overall operational costs, but also enhance the services for our clients.

To support our clients we have a range of resources for outsourcing, including:

  • Secure web portal for order management
  • Client specific processes
  • Bespoke online forms for employees to submit data
  • Client bespoke processes developed and maintained based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • Monthly account reporting and service reviews
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Secure and confidential order handling based on client requirements

We provide a range of outsourcing services for employers to support background screening and general administration during both the hiring process and for ongoing employment.

Typical examples of the services provided are:

  • Collation of applicant details in preparation for screening
  • Verification of employee/applicant documents including immigration status and the right to work in UK
  • Verification of employment history and qualifications
  • DVLA licence checks, validation of vehicle insurance and MoT
  • Periodic screening and regulatory requirements such as an employee's ongoing right to work in the UK
  • Financial and criminal background checks, both one-off and periodic screening.
  • Communicating directly with employee/applicants in support of services provided.

If you would like to know more about our services please contact us on 01992 719 234.