Passport checks form a key part of employment screening, in particular with regard to an individual's right to work in the UK. Checking a passport involves more than a visual check to see if the photo ID appears to be the same person, passports should also be checked for any signs of forgery.

Whilst it is difficult for anyone to give an absolute guarantee that a given passport is valid there are a number of checks that can be carried out using software to analyse a passport and compare the image against a database of valid passport images. The advantage of using software is that checks are much faster and can detect inaccuracies that will not be easily seen by the human eye.

We provide a service where copies of passports (pdf or jpg) can be scanned and uploaded into our processing system, we then verify the images and provide a report confirming whether the passport has been successfully validated.

If you would like to know more about our passport check services please call us on 01992 719 234.