Verifying a prospective employee's employment history is a key component for most screening standards and guidelines such as BS7858, BPSS, CPNI, and the FSA fit and proper persons test.

The level or depth of history screened will vary according to the relevant standards or guidelines, and the specific employment role.

Within the security sector it is typical to screen the past five years of employment history, for BPSS and CPNI three years is the normal requirement.

In addition to employment history it is sometimes necessary to obtain character and/or personal references. For screening standards such has BS7858 the character references are also used to support gaps in employment history.

We also provide a service to verify personal or character referees. Verifications of referees range from providing an identity check to help ensure that the referee has a valid UK identity (name, date of birth and address) through to obtaining further information regarding any relationship (personal or business) between the referee and the applicant being screened.

Whether your requirement is one off screening to a regulatory standard, or outsourcing part of your HR screening processes, we would be happy to offer advice and provide a quotation.

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